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About us



Co-owners and Head Coaches


Nolan Hermans and Camilla Barton


CrossFit Kids and Adult Coaches


Anne-Marie Judge and Tom Flux


Our Box  

In our CrossFit Box you won’t find many machines – you are the machines!  You won’t find mirrors or any unmotivated people.  What you will find is a friendly community of like-minded people who work-out hard and have fun while doing so. We use rowers, bikes, barbells, dumb bells, plyometric boxes, gymnastic rings, ropes, kettle bells, pullup rigs, medicine balls…


Rules of the Box

No egos

No excuses

Encourage others

Work hard

Be friendly and introduce yourselves to new members (we are a community, we are in it together!)

Keep saying ‘CrossFit is awesome!’

And have fun!


Our facilities include toilets, showers, changing areas and a chill-out seated area.



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CrossFit Incursion

Unit 4 Cypress Court

Westridge Business Park



PO33 1QT