At CrossFit Incursion, we believe in inclusivity and inspiring positive lasting change. Our passion is to create a fitter, healthier you.


Welcome to Crossfit Incursion – The Isle of Wight’s Only CrossFit Box!

Thanks for stopping by! At CrossFit Incursion, we believe that fitness is for everyone (yes, that includes you at the back) and we’re passionate about helping people become the best version of themselves. We believe CrossFit is the most effective workout (just ask Nolan, our Head Coach). We won’t get into the science, but ultimately, it’s fun, varied and highly prescriptive to your individual skill/fitness level, making it the perfect workout for any age, fitness level or goal! Now don’t get us wrong… we aren’t saying it isn’t challenging… you will be pushed out of your comfort zone but guess what? You will see great results and make some awesome friends along the way!

What is CrossFit?

Put simply, CrossFit is a strength and conditioning programme comprising constantly varied functional movements, performed at high intensity within small groups. Every workout is prescriptive and scaled for age, fitness and skill level, combining the quality and attention of personal training with a high energy class atmosphere.

Who is it for?

The beauty with CrossFit is, it is fully inclusive. Everyone can do CrossFit regardless of age, injuries and current fitness levels. The program is modified for each person to help him or her safely become healthier and fitter. Grandparents and Olympians can perform modified versions of the same general workout.

How do I get started?

If you are new to CrossFit, we recommend booking in a free taster session to see if you like it (we know you will!). You will then need to complete a mandatory Fundamentals course before becoming a fully-fledged member, to ensure that you understand the fundamental movements of CrossFit and can perform the movements safely before beginning the classes. Use the button below to book a free taster session today!

Unsure if CrossFit Incursion is for you?
Hear What Some of our current members say!

“It’s such a welcoming environment, everyone is so friendly. Camilla and Nolan are fantastic coaches, so knowledgeable and supportive”


“Joining CrossFit Incursion was the best decision I’ve ever made for both my physical and mental wellbeing”


“There’s nothing to fear! The coaches and other members are incredibly supportive and best of all, it’s really fun and enjoyable!”


“It’s so varied and you can see yourself improving every day. Cam and Nolan are fantastic coaches and are at the heart of CrossFit Incursion”