Advanced Massage Therapy

with Cheryl Chapman

Cheryl Chapman (CAMS) Advanced Massage Therapist.  Redefining Strength, Structure and Stability through the art of Massage.

Cheryl moved into the Box’s brand new treatment room in 2019, bringing along her experience, knowledge and skills in advanced massage therapy.

Cheryl specialises in Advanced Massage Techniques which complements her intensive knowledge of Anatomy, Physiology and Pathologies.  Cheryl also partakes in CrossFit and therefore fully understands what athletes need in order to function normally.

Her therapy can treat a whole range of ailments from chronic to acute pain, systematic or localised illnesses, diseases or injuries.  They can also improve flexibility and mobility leading to an increase in performance.  In return this will help you maintain Strength, Structure and Stability into your everyday life and wellbeing.  The treatments are also a great method for injury prevention.

• Advanced Massage • Neuromuscular Techniques (NMT) • Sports • Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) • Accupressure • Postural Assessments • Trigger Point • Stone Therapy • Electrotherapy • Aromatherapy • Postural Correction • Rehabilitation • Pain Management • Swedish • Holistic Therapies •

Opening Hours

Monday            10am – 2pm
Tuesday           10am – 2pm      6pm – 8pm
Wednesday      10am – 2pm
Thursday          10am – 2pm      6pm – 8pm
Friday               10am – 2pm

All CrossFit Members will get a Complimentary Postural Assessment and Consultation as well as a Loyalty card offering them a ‘Buy 5 treatments, get 1 FREE.’

To contact her regarding appointments please message or phone on: 07949 246 613 or email

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